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Instructional and Curriculum Design

As an educator with a strong design background, instructional and curriculum design served as a natural fit. Through my instructional design portfolio, you can view how I have utilized programs like Articulate 360 and Adobe Creative Suite to provide compelling and thorough instructional materials for students, teachers, and external groups. My education in graduate school, in addition to an instructional design certification, have prepared me for a career in instructional design and curriculum development. My expertise in education, art, and copy (and my membership in the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors [IAPWE]) further supplements my understanding of instructional and curriculum design. Finally, I am familiar with Addie, SaaS, and backwards design to assist learners of all ages, levels, and demographics in acquiring new knowledge.

Color Theory
Earth's Water
Coral Chronicles
Communication Training Leadership
Pluto And The Planets
Employee Training Series
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